Sunday, 3 January 2016

Textual Analysis & Representation: Luther- Sexuality (Christmas 50)

This extract is from Luther and focuses on sexuality.

The use of dialogue in this extract emphasises how sexuality is represented in tv dramas. Ian begins by talking about Zoe 'washing sheets' which reflects the gender stereotype that women belong in the kitchen and should clean the house. He then continues and begins using language and phrases such as 'whore' and 'strip her down' which are incredibly harsh and rude; reflecting on how women used to be treated and viewed. This idea that women are whores still goes on in today's society. The phrase 'strip her down' links with the male gaze theory as he clearly viewed Zoe Luther in a sexual way; immediately sexualising her. Non diegetic sounds like music are added in to build tension, and the song played at the end of the clip could be seen as a juxtaposition as the scene itself is quite sad as Ian has been shot; but there is a sense of happiness for Mark as he finally gets revenge. As this happens, Luther is the only character in focus and it shows his pained facial expressions. This shows that he is suffering which men don't like to be seen as, as stereotypically they are seen to be strong minded.

This extract follows a linear narrative and includes continuity editing to show the realism of the piece. The extract cuts from one person to another; especially in conversation. This is where we see the camera work of shot reverse shots to help the audience see the facial expressions of the characters. A close up is used to capture the moment when Luther strangles Ian to show his anger; which links with the stereotype that men are physically strong and violent. A low angle is used to show Luther on the floor after being stabbed which could be seen as him being weak which men, ideally, don't want to be viewed like. A mid shot is used when Alice shoots Ian which lets the audience know that she is the one who did it. This shows Alice as some form of hero in the sense that she helped Mark put an end to Ian; which goes against the stereotype that men are usually the heroes.

All of the characters wear formal clothing which reflects their professional jobs. Luther is in dull colours which could suggest his distress over Zoe's death. Ian wears a suit which links with his job as a DCI officer, however his top button of his shirt is undone which could imply his scruffiness and as a way to catch the female attention as he could think it is cool. Mark also wears a suit and wears darker colours than Luther which suggests he is suffering more than Luther, which is evident by his pained facial expressions. Alice wears minimal makeup, but enough to highlight her natural beauty; especially her eyes and lips- this could be seen as a sexual thing as it emphasises her beauty which men would enjoy. Her outfit is professional and conservative which she may feel is important when dealing with Ian as he sexualised Zoe and used her in a sexual way; initiated by her clothing choice.

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