Thursday, 10 September 2015


Top 5 Music Artists:

      1) Jack Johnson:
 (Album: In Between Dreams. Key Tracks: Better Together, Banana Pancakes)
    2) Michael Jackson:
(Album: Thriller. Key Tracks: Thriller, Beat It)
    3) Catfish and the Bottlemen:
 (Album: The Balcony. Key Tracks: Sidewinder, Pacifier)
    4) Daughter:
 (Album: If You Leave. Key Tracks: Youth, Smother)  
    5) The Kooks:
 (Album: Inside In The Inside Out. Key Tracks: Naïve, Seaside)
  • These albums are all in the rock/indie rock/indie pop genre. Despite being in these genres, these albums are extremely chilled and all the tracks portray some form of emotion. They are incredibly enjoyable to listen to, and are highly recommended for anyone interested in these genres. 

Top 5 Childhood Disney Movies:

1) Pete's Dragon (1977)
2) The Fox and the Hound (1981)
3) The Aristocats (1970)
4) The Little Mermaid (1989)
5) Toy Story (1995)
  • Disney is very well known for making family friendly animated movies. These are my favourite Disney movies, as they are lively, engaging, and easy for children to understand. The songs involved in Pete's Dragon, The Aristocats, and The Little Mermaid are uplifting and are an exciting twist to the films. These are traditional Disney movies which are recommended to children as well as teenagers and adults as they bring back childhood memories.
Top 5 American TV Shows:

1) The US Office- My favourite characters are Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) as they are both hilarious, especially Dwight who is extremely gullible.
2) The Mentalist- My favourite character is Patrick Jane as he is incredibly smart, dedicated and funny, despite his heartbreak over the murder of his wife and daughter.
3) Criminal Minds- My favourite character is Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) as he is a genius who is a credit to the FBI, as well as his charm and good looks.
4) Pretty Little Liars- My favourite character is Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker) as he is mysterious and good looking. My favourite Liar is Spencer because I like the way she organises the group, her intelligence and how her strength influences the rest of the liars in a positive way.
5) Teen Wolf- My favourite character is Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien) because he is the funniest character as he is really sarcastic and makes the show more uplifting.
Top 5 Idols:
1) Michael Jackson (1958-2009):
  • Michael Jackson is the one entertainer I look up to the most. I admire his performance skills, as well as his dance moves and lyrics. He was a lyrical genius and a true entertainer. He has been one of my favourite artists since I was a young girl, and I wish I could've had the opportunity to have seen him perform live.
2) Martha Graham (1894-1991):
  • Martha Graham is my second idol as she inspires me everyday to become the best dancer I can be. The impact she has made on the dance industry has, quite possibly, been the best thing that has ever happened to the dance world. The legacy she leaves behind will forever be followed by dancers across like globe.
3) Isadora Duncan (1877-1927):
  • Isadora Duncan decided to break out the boundaries of classical Ballet and introduced free/natural movement. This is where Contemporary dance began to form from. She also introduced dancing bare-foot, which is one of the most common things to currently do in the dance industry. She is inspirational to me as her passion for dance guided her through the darkest of times to creating her own style and impacting the industry in a massive way.
4) Yolanda Foster (1964-present):
  • Yolanda Foster, most commonly known for appearing on the reality TV show 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills', has been suffering with Lyme Disease since 2012. She has had to go through many treatment stages to help her with her health. She has revealed recently that stopping a certain treatment has caused her to lose her ability to read, write and watch TV. Despite this, Yolanda spreads awareness about her disease, and how important it is to keep positive through tough situations. Her mental strength is extremely admirable.
5) Jennifer Lawrence (1990-present):
  • Jennifer Lawrence is one of my idols as she promotes positivity towards women with curves. Many people, including the media, have criticised her body as she doesn't look like stereotypical actress' and models with a slim image. Jennifer has influenced a lot of women to be comfortable with their bodies, and has helped them to love themselves like she grew to love herself.
Top 5 favourite daytime TV shows:
1) America's Next Top Model (Channel: SkyLiving)
2) Say Yes To The Dress (Channel: TLC)
3) The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Channel: Lifetime)
4) Dance Moms (Channel: Lifetime)
5) I Found The Gown (Channel: TLC)
  • I'm not usually one to watch daytime television however, when I do end up watching it, these are my favourite shows to watch. They are my favourite because they are entertaining, hooking and always leave me wanting to watch more. They can be very dramatic and sometimes pointless, but that helps keep the level of entertainment high.

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