Sunday, 20 September 2015

Camera Shots.

Close up- enables you to view the character from the shoulders up. Gives viewers a chance to read facial expressions, and connect with the character emotionally.

Extreme Close Up- shows a characters emotions more. Usually only shows the eyes which causes viewers to become tense.

Point of View- Enables viewers to see what the character sees.

Two Shot- Two characters in one frame. Allows viewers to see two characters and their body language towards each other and the scenario.

Mid Shot- Allows the audience to see from the characters waist up. Enables them to analyse body language and facial expressions.

Long Shot- Allows viewers to see the character from head to toe. Viewers are able to take in their costume, and the way they act in that particular surrounding.


Extreme Long Shot/Establishing Shot- Shows the exterior of a building. Allows viewers to see the setting of the scene, making them feel like they are there.

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