Sunday, 15 November 2015

Ethnicity in TV Dramas:

Definition of Ethnicity:
  • The fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition: the interrelationship between gender, ethnicity, and class.
  • Often shown as intelligent, nerdy, interested in technology, traditional and submissive.
In this clip, we see Emily from US TV Drama 'Pretty Little Liars' tell her father she is gay. The Fields are American-Korean, however her parents have traditional beliefs that their daughter should be heterosexual, like her culture promotes. We can see it is difficult for her to open up to him; afraid of his reaction.

  • Often shown as exotic, strange, criminals and poor.
In this clip, we see a black male and female sat in a café discussing their ethnic background. The male fills her in on their history. We can clearly see how they have been represented in the media by the newspaper implying that they are criminal and having the public, in that time, think of them as immigrants who need to "go back to where they came from".

  • Often shown as poor, traditional, working in corner shops, living in large families.
In this clip, we see Zainab ranting to Carol about her gate. Carol soon after replies to Zainab by saying "the council will sort it out for you... you are a council tenant aren't you?" which implies that Zainab lives in a council house and can't afford to own her own. Masood is seen signalling to Carol to stop speaking before Zainab becomes offended.

  • Often seen as a drain on society, criminals, illegal, taking British jobs.
In this clip, we see hotel employees hiding themselves away from the immigration officers who have come to take anyone who hasn't hidden before they came. This shows that they are wanted gone from society.

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  1. well done Hannah - you could develop this by identifying key technical aspects for each example