Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Representation of Sexuality in TV Dramas.

American TV Dramas:

Heterosexuality: The Vampire Diaries: Elena and Damon.

In this clip we see heterosexuality being represented by Elena and Damon. Heterosexuality is seen as the preferred form of sexuality as it is the most traditional (involving a male and female). The use of camera angles such as two shots show the couple in the frame together; representing their relationship. The uplifting rhythm further emphasises their relationship by suggesting it is happy and healthy. Damon supports the idea of the stereotypical male in a heterosexual relationship by dressing in a suit with this hair slicked back; along with the direct eye contact he has with Elena to create romantic chemistry between them. The dialogue between them is about marriage and how Damon loves Elena so much that he would turn himself from a vampire to a human to be with her.

Homosexuality: Pretty Little Liars: Emily and Maya.
In this clip we see homosexuality being represented by Emily and Maya. Homosexuality is a form of sexuality involving two members of the same sex in a relationship. Emily has been openly gay for a while, whereas Maya hasn't. Maya's parents aren't supportive of her being in a relationship with Emily as they are very traditional and expect her to be in a heterosexual relationship. This causes them to move away from Rosewood. In this clip we see the effort Maya has gone to so Emily can see how much she loves her. The lighting in this clip is done by candlelight which gives off a romantic and sexy atmosphere. The camera angles of two shots show the couple in the frame together as they slow dance and over the shoulder shots represent their facial expressions (mainly Emily) as Maya expresses her feelings and also by decorated the room; so they have alone time with no one interrupting.

Bisexuality: Pretty Little Liars: Emily and Paige/ Emily and Ben.
When the show first began, Emily was represented as a confused character. She was in a relationship with a boy named Ben, however she had kissed her friend Alison. After that, Emily became confused as to which sex she prefers. She ends up fully Lesbian after being in multiple relationships with other females. The music in this scene provides a lively energy to reflect on Emily and Ben's relationship. They are making out in a car which is seen as romantic by American teens.

British TV Dramas:

Heterosexuality: Skins: Effy and Freddie.

A low angle is used when Freddie first opens the door for Effy. The music in the scene is romantic and lively suggesting she has gone there to express her love. The low angle could have been used as a way to show how in a heterosexual relationship, the male is (stereotypically) dominant over the female and the female looks up towards him as females (stereotypically) find taller men more attractive. This is further emphasised when the angle switches to a high angle so the camera is looking down on Effy to show the dominance of Freddie. A close up is used during the sex scene between the couple to show the intimacy of their relationship and to emphasise the sexual tension.

Homosexuality: Coronation Street: Sophie and Sian.

In this scene we see Sophie and Sian together. Sian has just been dumped by her boyfriend and goes to Sophie for comfort. A close up shows the two girls as they hug; showing the intimacy between them. A close up is used again when we see Sophie leaning in to kiss Sian. This is done slowly to build tension between the characters and for the audience to feel tense as it is unexpected. The lighting in the room is dim which gives off a romantic vibe which Sophie is clearly feeling for Sian. However, after the kiss, Sian leaves in tears; implying she is confused as to what has just happened. A medium shot shows Sophie sitting down on her bed with guilt written across her face as she feels bad for kissing Sian after her breakup.

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