Monday, 14 December 2015

Representations of Age in TV Dramas:

Representation of middle aged people:
Middle aged people (30-50s) are seen as hard workers who have full time jobs as well as managing families and a house. They are seen as less in touch with technology and the younger generations.

Patrick Jane- The Mentalist:
Patrick Jane, although being around the age of 30, is shown to be traditional through his love for tea, his wisdom in areas about life, and his lack of interest in technology. This is similar to an older person, as they don’t understand technology as much as the younger generation, and in an episode he asks Van Pelt to "bigify" something on the computer which the younger generation would know as zoom in. He doesn’t get involved in police chases, and tends to stay away from the violence (until killing Red John).
Ashley Marin- Pretty Little Liars:
Ashley Marin, Hanna's mother, is shown as a workaholic during the first few seasons of PLL. She worked at the bank of Rosewood before getting fired for stealing as herself and Hanna ran into family financial issues. Ashley and Hanna's father, Tom, got a divorce which goes against the stereotype that middle aged women should be in a committed relationship and running a well functioned family. Middle aged women are stereotypically seen as unattractive, however this is proven wrong as Ashley spends multiple nights hooking up with multiple men.

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