Wednesday, 16 December 2015

25 facts about Mad Max: Fury Road

1: The filming stopped due to the attacks on September 11th in New York and the Iraq war. 
2: The film was going to be in 3D, as well as filmed crew-free in Namibia. This was changed and filmed in multiple formats.
3: Filming way delayed 3 times. 1st was the Iraq war, 2nd was the filming of Happy Feet and 3rd was the rainfall in the Australian outback. 
4: Filming first concluded in 2013.
5: They had to go back and film additional scenes in November 2013.
6: Warner Bros panicked and insisted someone wrote a script in 2010.
7: All principle cast members signed up to be in the film in 2010. 
8: The film was originally going to be produced in New South Wales (Australia) however unexpected rainfall caused them to change location.
9: $41.9 million was spent on advertising the film.
10: The crew spent a total of 10 months in Namibia. 
11: The budget for the film was $150 million.
12: It cost a total of $153,629,485 to create the film.
13: The films certificate is 15.
14: The duration of the film is 120 minutes.
15: IMDb's rated the film 8.2 out of 10.  
16: The original actor in the film was going to be Mel Gibson.
17: Charlize Theron shaved her head for her role of Furiosa; causing her to wear a wig for her role in 'A Million Ways to Die in the West'.
18: $7.5 million was spent on advertising in 957 nations which was across 42 different networks.
19: The film was shot in sequence, which is rare, and the storyboards were completed before the script was made.
20: Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy did not get along during the making of the movie and they ended up not speaking at all on set.
21: Rosie Huntington-whitely said it was harder to film Fury Road than Transformers.
22: George Miller likes to make it clear to audience members that the film isn't a CGI film.
23: Mad Max: Fury Road was released 30 years after the last film Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.
24: Over 80% of the effects seen in the film are real effects, stunts, makeup art and sets.
25: Furiosa has part of her left arm missing and in order to achieve the effect, Theron wore a prosthetic and green sleeve during filming. The visual effects team then painted out, adding in a central mechanical piece where necessary.

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